Author Photograph: Kingmond Young Photography


Saramanda Swigart is thrilled to be writing fiction [almost] full time after years of writing ad copy and corporate literature. She has lived and worked in Italy, New York, San Francisco, and Dubai. She has an MFA from Columbia University, with a supplementary degree in literary translation. Her short work and poetry have appeared in Oxford Magazine, Superstition Review, Ghost Town, Expanded Field, The Saranac Review, Glint Magazine, The Alembic, Border Crossing, Hypertrophic Press, Euphony, The MacGuffin, Voices de la Luna, Streetlight, The Grief Diaries, Whistling Shade, The Broken Plate, Diverse Arts Project, Caveat Lector, The Literati Quarterly, Fogged Clarity, East Jasmine Review, Ragazine, Green Hills Literary Lantern, The Penmen Review, Thin Air, The Furious Gazelle, and the British anthology Temporal Discombobulations, and she's received an honorable mention in Glimmer Train. Her short story "The Earth Falls to the Apple" was recently nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Her first novel, Meaning Machine, about a family’s incompatible coping strategies in the face of loss, is currently out for consideration. She is working on a collection of interlocking stories, a second novel, Flight, and a modern translation of the more salacious stories from Ovid's Metamorphoses. She lives in San Francisco and teaches at City College of San Francisco.